Bulk commodity and
Retail Delivery Software

Application developement

Executive Summary

A leading trucking industry client is an intuitive and have easy to use transportation management solution (TMS) for bulk transportation fleets. Client provides organizations a central repository for all driver, truck, trailer, and location information; go to one place to find your company information. Customize your pickup and drop off tickets and driver inputs, and enjoy real time load management and full fleet visibility.

Client Challenges

The system at client site was developed using dated flex technology. This made the system difficult To manage. The application took a long time to load, and faced multiple performance issues. There was no framework in use. This made the implementation of new features not feasible in the current architecture. Issues seen across the application:

  • Frontend bogged down with performance and crash issues.
  • Java backend does not have query optimizations.
  • Uses Json as the message/data transfer between frontend and backend.

Technology Stacks

  • Frontend: Adobe Flex
  • Backend: Java Spring
  • Database: MySql
  • Application for Android Tablet using Android SDK
  • JSON

Our Solutions

  • Solution Provided: Moving to the latest Flex SDK 4.6, will give performance benefits as well as better exception handling and control over components. Use custom controls to handle large data sets which support virtualization.
  • Long term Solution: Migrate to one of the latest JS frameworks for performance benefits and better code scalability. While keeping the same backend services
  • Backend: Better query optimizations and utilization of spring framework.

Quantifiable Benefits

  • Reduced cost by 30% per delivery
  • Increased profit by 40% per vehicle per year

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