How Portal Technologies Improved the Productivity of
Insurance Leader’s Employees and Brokers

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Executive Summary

One of the largest insurance carriers in Latin America, the client is known for providing all-encompassing insurance products that cover property & casualty, commercial & consumer, life & retirement and mortgage. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, the client boasts the active presence of more than 20000 employees that serve half million customers. Having successfully entered in the USA market, the client now aims to spread their presence in Europe.

Client Challenges

  • The client was still using an old system to handle the huge amount of data that their vast network of customers and agents used to generate
  • The resultant data silos and time drag gave rise to following challenges-

  • The data and information required by agents/brokers were spread across multiple systems, which made it impossible to draw any contextual meaning out of it
  • Due to data dispersion, the client found it hard to have a common narrative for information aggregation, delivery, and collaboration
  • Noncollaboration among internal employees
  • Slow processes damaged the eventual customer experience
  • A total absence of governance, best practices, and efficiency monitoring plan
  • These steep challenges stopped the client from having-

  • A unified platform to handle the data, content and information needs of their brokers, underwriters, sales /marketing people and policyholders
  • A streamlined domestic and international activities
  • A single sign-on
  • The unbroken integration among their 16 applications
  • Back-end systems such as SAP, AS-400, Salesforce, and Eloqua

Our Solutions

  • Very quickly we identified the immediate need of client to have a scalable and unified enterprise portal
  • We began to build the complete portal strategy by keeping multi-year, multi-stage roadmap in mind
  • After brainstorming with key stakeholders, time-bound priorities were assigned for the implementation
  • A team led by solution architect and technical manager chalked out the project management and governance structure plan

Once ready with the above-mentioned foundation, we undertook following implementations-

A) The Broker/Agent Portal:

Based on the IBM WebSphere Portal, we began the solution by building a broker/agent portal
It comprised the following features-

  • All the information about the various insurance products and instruments was made accessible to brokers/agents through a single point of entry
  • Portal was inclusive of detailed training material which could be delivered in a targeted manner, based on broker/agent roles
  • Simplified interfaces to author/create content and distribute it on the portal
  • Functionality to ensure rich user experience and personalization
  • An incremental model which ensured the continued support, maintenance and improvement of the portal features

B) The Team Collaboration Portal:

We used Microsoft SharePoint to create the team collaboration portal
It included-

  • Reusable team site templates which could be quickly created and deployed for team collaboration
  • Management and maintenance best practices for 200+ team sites
  • Team sites creation support for collaboration over quarterly reports and more
  • Consolidated profiles of employees to allow self-service based mapping of employee IDs to the Active Directory (AD)

C) The Shared Service Unit (SSU):

  • To optimize the resource use, we suggested the implementation of Shared Service Model
  • It consolidates the business operations that are used by multiple parts of the same organization
  • As it centralizes back-office operations that are used by multiple divisions of the same company and eliminates redundancy, Shared Service Model is highly cost-effective

We worked closely with the client to help them in:

  • Conceptualizing and defining the framework for the SSU model
  • Setting up the processes, activities and governance model for the SSU
  • Recognizing key roles, responsibilities and management structure for the SSU
  • Rationalizing the required technical infrastructure for SSU

Quantifiable Benefits

  • 80% reduction in calls to the broker service request teams due to broker/agent portal
  • Slimmer teams for support and maintenance reduced the implementation cost by 23%
  • Consolidated user profiles facilitated superior access to information on colleagues- resulting in collaborative networks within the enterprise
  • Structured storage of content and data improved the collaboration and tracking
  • The centralized shared service unit resulted in better governance and cost reduction

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