Robotic Process Automation's Huge Assistance in
Simplifying HR Processes for a Global MNC


Executive Summary

Having earned a formidable reputation for providing open-source software products to the enterprise community, the client is currently catering to over 1000 clients across 50 countries. Though largely associated with their flagship open-source software products, the client also offers virtualization products along with storage, operating system platforms, middleware, applications, management products, and support, training, and consulting services. Headquartered in New Jersey, the client is trying to move from a client-server model to cloud-mobile model.

Client Challenges

  • Due to the large and ever-growing global footprint, the client’s workforce is dispersed across the world
  • Their HR department looks after a wide range of activities such as talent acquisition, talent administration, talent development, employee life cycle, employee experience, compensation and benefits support, and HR reporting
  • These activities aren’t only effort-intensive but also decisive for employee satisfaction
  • With the growing workforce and growing activities, client’s HR department found it incredibly hard to manage an enormous volume of transactions
  • It gave rise to the challenge of meeting time-critical needs of the business without compromising employee satisfaction, quality and compliance requirements

Our Solutions

After critically examining the client’s existing HR processes, we understood the appropriateness of introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in dealing effectively with the quantum of data

We began by developing use cases for deployment of automation

As deterministic or rule-based processes are ideal for RPA, it provides great help to activities such as:

  • Reading/copying/ synchronization of data between web applications, ERP, backend systems
  • Validation / verification of extracted data
  • Reading data/attachments from email
  • Sending emails/mass mailers
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Data standardization
  • Data logging for audit purposes

Clearly, HR activities look like tailor-made for RPA

We then focused on identifying processes that could be successfully automated based on their volumes, average handling time, and risk of error

We categorized them into four types based on the scope for automation: Very High, High, Medium, and Low

In the next phase, we implemented the following solutions:

A) Shift Allowance Calculation:

  • In the existing system of the client, the allowance was calculated by taking the swipe-in/swipe-out timings from multiple backend systems
  • This manual process was not just time-consuming, but error-prone too
  • We designed the RPA bot to automatically read and validate the data from multiple backend systems and calculate the allowance
  • For on-time clearance of the allowances, we ensured that the bot did this periodically

B) Background Verification for New Employees:

  • As opposed to the existing manual process for cross-verification of details such as name, and date of birth for each interviewed candidate, we developed the RPA bot to receive the required details from the input sources, automatically cross-check the details with the backend databases, and create the process reports at the end of operation without any manual intervention
  • To split the enormous processing load across multiple bots, we ensured that all the interim reports are reconciled into a final master report which is then automatically uploaded into the backend system

C) Generation of Offer Letters for New Employees:

  • To generate offer letters, The AHT approximately used to take 15 minutes per new employee owing to the manual steps
  • Futurism automated the entire process and reduced the processing time by 90% without compromising on the procedural steps and regulations

D) Full and Final (F&F) Settlement for Attrited Employees:

  • F&F settlements are generally grueling due to exhaustive and accurate verification of all the pending dues by the employees across the departments of the firm
  • A mistake in it may cause financial loss or legal battles
  • Futurism created the RPA solution by inserting the business rules in the bot which followed the employee records processes and subsequent rules for it

Quantifiable Benefits

  • 70% reduction in manual efforts
  • 55% reduction in processing time
  • 80% improvement in accuracy
  • Savings of USD 0.68 Million

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