How We Cut Down the Malware
Threat for
Giant Advertiser By 15%

Cyber security

Executive Summary

Considered as one of the most original providers of content and digital advertiser, the client operates predominantly in Europe. Having undertaken the advertising projects for fortune 500 companies and multibillionaire brands, the client has recently acquired an illustration firm to strengthen its visual brilliance in digital creatives.

Client Challenges

Under the spell of speculations that malware is expected to cost businesses a staggering USD 114 billion, the client was rightly worried about its endpoint security suite for malware protection. Due to their low rates of malware detection and cleaning, the client experienced three zero-day incidents within a year that altered their Web content. This costly hiccup forced it to look for a cost-effective and proactive solution to:

  • Avoid zero-day infections to save the business from severe business risks and losses
  • Implement a new endpoint security product to become more resilient in the wake of malware threats

Our Solutions

With a holistic approach, Futurism’s best minds thoroughly investigated our client’s security setups – including in-place antivirus measures. We understood that client’s security policies are completely devoid of best practices. This understanding coupled with our commitment to deliver the best possible solution at a minimum cost made us advocate a solution that did not compel a change in endpoint security software. However, our recommendations covered the following solutions:

  • Two technology changes within the existing endpoint security suite. These changes positively affected 4,000 workstations and 1,000 servers within a span of one month.
  • Real-time threat protection that safeguarded our client from unseen and emerging threats. Consequently, even before the availability of signature updates, the client was able to prevent damage and data theft. It had a visible impact on making endpoints safer from zero-day infections.
  • With carefully crafted memory and process scans, we provided early warning systems for endpoint-protected computers.
  • We ensured that all the scans will get performed within 30-90 seconds without impacting end users.

Quantifiable Benefits

  • Saving of licensing costs up to USD 200,000
  • 1,000+ man hours were saved
  • Malware tickets saw a 15% reduction
  • No zero-day incident has been encountered since implementation of the new solution
  • Average malware detection and cure rate amplified from 3,000+ events per month to 33,000+ events per month

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