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Smartly connected production facilities, devices and machines enable predictive maintenance, fact-based decision-making and reduces rejects and downtime. Your company’s future viability is increasingly dependent on how successfully it implements Industry 4.0 concepts and digitalizes its industrial processes.

From 12th to 16th April at the Hannover Messe, Futurism Technologies will showcase how companies can shorten their digital transformation journey and quickly increase their competitive advantage.

The Road to a Smart Factory with Futurism Technologies

Your First Step to Industry 4.0

Futurism Smart Factory Service Portfolio

At HANNOVER MESSE 2021,Futurism Technologies will exhibit solutions that power data-driven manufacturing to create smart factories that are autonomous, agile, and predictive, assisting you to integrate and optimize operations and to digitally transform along value and supply chains. As production floor operations technologies meet with Information Technology, a host of use cases across the manufacturing cycle becomes possible to ignite innovation, create smarter, more efficient operations, reduce interruption and improve worker productivity.

Daylight Harvesting and Light Scheduling

During Weekdays, the lights in the open space areas of the office are in daylight harvesting mode: they automatically dim or brighten depending on the amount of daylight. In the evening, the lights are scheduled to switch to presence direction mode, triggered by motion and sound. Lights in meeting and conference rooms remain in presence detection mode. On weekends, the lights across the whole office automatically switch to presence detection mode.

Air Quality Monitoring

Tracking air quality parameters such as temperature, humidity, co2, total volatile organic compound (TVOC) concentrations. The air quality status is visualized on the connected building dashboard across the floor plan. Push notifications are sent if the indices exceed a healthy range, so that an operator can adjust HVAC systems, increasing fresh air intake or optimizing temperature.


Futurism’s IoT service designed for smart hotels enable cost savings, bring in revenue opportunities, and drastically improve guest experiences. For instance, thermostats and occupancy sensors allow smart energy-management that wisely utilizes energy, besides automating temperature controls and light settings.

Occupancy Tracking

People flow can be viewed in real time on the floor plan. Detailed occupancy reports and room usage trends are available. Real time presence in restricted zone is enabled. Real time occupancy status of shared facilities (e.g. Conference room, Canteen) is available for all building occupants.

Asset Tracking

Bluetooth beacons attached to key pieces of equipment which allows to easily pinpoint their location on the campus. Beacons require little maintenance due to long battery life. Real time asset location is visualized on the floor plan. Historical asset utilization data is available. Push notifications to system operators can be set up if assets leave a designated zone.

Smart factory benefits with Futurism Technologies

With Futurism Technologies, you can improve your factory operations through these advantages

Cost Proficiency

By optimizing your processes through Futurism’s automation and data management, you can enhance your cost-efficiency

Product Quality

We provide an overview of your operations data so you can quickly locate the source of a product defect.

Production Output

Futurism provides detailed data on asset performance to help you optimize their usage. Reduce asset downtime and maximize your capacity.

Project Scalability

Futurism provides a flexible architecture scaling from single machines to unified multi-line factory solutions. We ensure low start-up cost and cost-effective extensions of your existing production assets.

Optimal Security

Futurism’s unparalleled security features such as server redundancy, user authorization, and network encryption fully protect your projects from data loss and unauthorized access.

Improved Work Environment

Through Futurism’s solutions improve safety for your personnel by automating laborious and repetitive activities and improving the HMI visualization for a better overview.

Infrastructure Management Services

Build a smarter business by simplifying the journey to managed infrastructure

Enterprises look for that perfect partner who would support them with the right kind of infrastructure setup, optimized and scaled to match their operational budget. Leading system integration expertise at Futurism, we empower your business with reliable, responsive, flexible and proven infrastructure services in a cost-effective plan. Our successful Infrastructure Management implementations stem from our association with global leaders like Global MSP Alliance Association, a valuable arm of the Global Consortium of Cloud Managed Service Providers, and Technology Enabling Vendors.

Futurism Infrastructure Management Services Portfolio
Data Center Migration Services

Futurism’s data center migration services tailored to your business gives you a blend of expertise, reliability and efficiency. Whether your migration involves a physical move such as a data center expansion, consolidation or relocation, virtualization etc., we can meet all your custom migration needs.

Cloud Managed Services

With Futurism cloud managed services, you can be guaranteed of quality support on your private, public or hybrid cloud architecture. Let us manage your cloud, while you can concentrate on core business activities.

Security as a Service

Futurism's "Security as a Service" offering is being delivered on Subscription basis where Customer need not to invest CapEx in Platform, Hardware, License, Support Etc. Security as a service delivers best in breed security solutions and expert Security staffing for Endpoint Security, Email Security, Web Security, VAPT, Encryption. Key benefits of these solutions are Faster threat Response, Low Cost, Scalability, Interoperability, High domain Expertise Etc. We deliver high value proposition with respect to Business needs, Support, Process, Skills.

Office 365 Services

Our Office 365 solutions provide you with a variety of secured communication and collaboration tools. We support you in installation, configuration, migration and implementation of Office 365 so that you can benefit from all the business opportunities it offers.


Our 24x7 NOC services offer immediate scalability and enhance profitability. 3 core benefits of our NOC includes - 24/7 access, increased flexibility to quickly adapt to new services and applications, and comprehensive monitoring of IT infrastructure components.

SOC as a Service(Eagle Eye)

Futurism’s “Eagle Eye – SOC as a Service” is 24*7 central command center to monitor & Flag the abnormalities or suspicious activities in the network. Alert Management & Triage, Threat Response, Recovery and Remediation, Root cause investigation & Security refinement are the various tasks which are being performed in SOC. With the MITRE Att&ck framework integration & External Threat Intelligence Integration, we considerably reduce the time required for Investigation and enrich our platform with External feeds thereby providing very effective SOC services. With the different Engagement models, we offer our customers with high level of Flexibility for SIEM Architecture, Operations, Log Source Integration, Use case Development.

Choosing Infrastructure Management Services from Futurism

With Futurism Infrastructure Management Services, simplify your Infrastructure to always stay ON in Business

Flexible Pricing

Usage-based pricing which reduces overall IT expenditure

Global Partner Network

Our clients can leverage a global partner ecosystem of MSP service providers

Adapters for Frameworks

Ready-to-use adapters for frameworks for managed services which strengthens technology architecture

Utilities and Guidelines Edge

Workflow automation with our EAI platform - incorporating automated actions in the process flow

Customized to Your Need

Expertly managed infrastructure and technology architect pool for delivering solutions specific to each client’s needs

Adherence to Compliance

Efficient enterprise specific standards strengthened by IT governance policies and procedures

About Us

We are an IT Managed & Consulting service provider that goes beyond the definitions of a technology company and looks at the IT Infrastructure world with a different perspective. Our solutions are designed for modern-day businesses. It’s the sheer talent and passion of our team which has enabled us to provide IT Infrastructure Management services to countless businesses all across the globe. Our maverick team members will be there at the event. Meet them, inquire about our products, and know-how we can catapult your business to the higher altitudes.

Meet Us Do not miss the opportunity to learn from us! We are eager to share our expertise!

12 - 16 April 2021



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