Futurism Returns to MWC Barcelona 2022

We’re excited to be at the world’s biggest connectivity event - MWC Barcelona 2022, February 28 – March 3 as a Digital Transformation leader! Team Futurism is set to bring state-of-the-art Digital Transformation (DX) and mobile solutions to help businesses become future-proof and cyber-resilient.

Join us at MWC Barcelona 2022, as our DX leadership team showcases best-of-breed DX solutions to help businesses unlock the true value of digital. Futurism welcomes this grand opportunity as we continue to extend our support to help businesses leverage the power of digital and mobile across the entire value chain including digital infrastructure, product engineering, managed cybersecurity services, business processes, digital customer engagement, cloud, AI, Big Data, RPA, Blockchain, enterprise product platforms, etc.

Connect with Futurism at MWC Barcelona 2022 and see how we help businesses realize their digital dreams.

  • M-Commerce
  • IoT
  • Mobile Security
  • IAM
  • Product Engineering
  • AI

Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

Run your business on the go. Manage products, orders, customers, inventory and much more from your home, office or anywhere. Retail mobile apps and inventory/warehouse management apps to help you offer your customers with an ultimate m-commerce experience.

  • Responsive, native and collaborative apps
  • Mobile optimization and fully customizable
  • Multiple device support (iOS, Android)
  • Mobile POS, mobile banking, digital wallets, etc.
  • Omni Channel Experience
  • AI-driven mobile chatbots

Futurism IoT Platform (PaaS)

Futurism IoT Platform-as-a-Service is a comprehensive and next-gen PaaS offering that brings in a fine mix of state-of-the-art IoT modules and capabilities to help an organization tame its connected assets, all on a centralized and enterprise-ready IoT platform.

  • Built-in analytics & predictive intelligence
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Smart data storage & data visualization
  • Robust security protocols
  • Smart connectivity & device management

Mobile Security - Futurism EndPoint Secure

Managed mobile device management (MDM) & unified endpoint management (UEM) service powered by IBM Maas360 & IBM Watson to protect all your critical endpoints including mobile phones, wearables and connected medical and IoT devices.

  • Mobile Device Management (IBM MaaS360)
  • AI-driven threat intel (IBM Watson & X-Force)
  • Mobile security index
  • Unified endpoint management (UEM)
  • Device location tracking & remote security

Identity & Access Management (Futurism Secure-Access)

Integrated identity and access management (IAM) service powered by IBM Verify Access for intelligent access management and multi-factor mobile authentication as businesses adopt new mobile, IoT, cloud, web and 5G technologies.

  • Managed IAM (IBM Verify Access)
  • Risk-based authentication & access policies
  • Mobile multi-factor authentication
  • Secure digital channel for mobile devices
  • Intelligent Hybrid IAM approach

Product Engineering & Mobile App Development

Product engineering that emphasizes on user experiences and customer delight. We bring together top product development, design and digital engineering talent at your disposal.

  • Experienced product engineering team
  • Testing COE (Center of Excellence)
  • Full suite of app development
  • App assessment & legacy app modernization
  • DevOps, automation & security
  • Turnkey projects (offshore/onshore)

AI Services

Tested and data-driven methodologies and technology proficiency to catapult your AI journey. Drive customer experiences and reduce operational costs by up to 30%. Give your business the ‘brAIn’ it needs.

  • Personalized AI-driven virtual assistant/bots
  • Knowledge virtualization
  • Deep learning and machine learning
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Predictive analytics

About Futurism Technologies We are not just another IT consulting and managed services company. At Futurism, we take great pride in our innate ability to partner with our clients to provide a guidance and definition to their digital journey. Whether your journey is a digital revolution or evolution, our quality and affordable digital services help you stay ahead of the pack. We strive to help organizations to join the digital bandwagon, become future-proof, cyber resilient and offer personalized experiences to their customers. Tailored digital solutions to help you achieve rapid ROI and realize your digital dreams. Meet our DX leadership team at MWC Barcelona 2022 and see how we deliver customer delight and build a more connected and secure world. We look forward to see you at MWC Barcelona 2022 and help you realize your digital dreams. Schedule a meeting with Futurism at MWC Barcelona 2022, call +1 (571) 223-6413

Meet Us We look forward to see you at MWC Barcelona 2022. Team Futurism will be happy to chat with you over a drink.

Mon, 28 Feb, 2022 – Thu, 3 Mar, 2022

MWC Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

More than 1000 Exhibitors, 140+ Countries, and more than 60k+ attendees from around the world.

Top Digital Trends To Watch Out For At MWC Barcelona 2022

5G Connect

Telecom giants across the world have already embraced 5G in some way or the other and now it’s up to consumers, businesses and industries to join the bandwagon. 5G is all set to be the showstopper at the MWC Barcelona 2022.

Advancing AI

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seen not only in network planning, but in every key aspect of a business as well. With the global investment set to cross £150 billion by 2025, AI will be a hot tech topic at the MWC Barcelona 2022.


Cloud is one of the key enablers of large-scale digital transformation. Cloud migration coupled with technology such as edge computing sets a new blueprint for network economics. Join the biggest conversations around cloud at MWC Barcelona 2022.


FinTech industry continues to break the barriers enabling new disruptions over the last decade. Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and much more, MWC Barcelona 2022 serves as the perfect platform to explore the FinTech landscape like never before.

Internet of Everything

Internet of Everything is the next big thing in the race towards a connected world. With more than 40 billion connected devices, Internet of Everything will certainly be a buzzword at the MWC Barcelona 2022 connectivity event.

Tech Horizon

The Tech Horizon theme at the MWC Barcelona 2022 aims to throw light on how mobile is reimagining our future. Join the most-happening discussions around mobile tech and its impact on high-growth verticals such as automotive, FinTech, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. at MWC 2022.

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