What Futurism Technologies Will Offer
At RSA Conference 2020?

Rise in cyber attacks is inevitably higher today specially when organization envisage technology implementations(upgrade, migrate, revamp, etc.) Cyber threats ranging from eCommerce, Mobility to IoT, Cloud and Analytics(Real-time, batch-wise) threat becomes more apparent day by day, rather than taking action post breach, we at futurism enable organizations to leverage security aspect from the very beginning that not only prevent but also predict and mitigate potential risks and loopholes/vulnerabilities occurred during implementation phase.

Our team will be more than happy to answer your inquiries on our following offerings –

  • Mobile Security
  • Cloud Security & Virtualization
  • DevSecOps & Application Security
  • Technology Infrastructure & Operations
  • Analytics Intelligent & Response
  • IoT Security

4 Reasons Why You Should Attend RSA Conference

RSA security conference is considered as the most comprehensive cybersecurity event in the world

It attracts about 50,000 participants every year

It is a conference sponsored by leaders of the industry like Microsoft and Intel

It attracts all major enterprises across the globe from all major industry verticals

Cloud Security & Virtualization

The best approach to securing a cloud and virtualization environment is during the design and implementation of the project. Futurism provides cloud and virtualization advisory, design and implementation services with security built into the solutions. Our security solutions offer the ability to provision users and track usage, enforce policies, and monitor for security events.

DevSecOps & Application Security

Do you know that most applications get into the most vulnerable aspect during development and deployment. At Futurism, we construct a shield right from your very first build release to avoid any production risks that puts business continuity on hold and sometimes completely stopped.

Analytics Intelligent & Response

Advanced analytics are now possible with a data science approach to abnormal system behaviour. Many companies believe that this approach is beyond their capabilities. With Futurism, this can become a reality. With our managed service offering, we offer advanced analytics to your environment to protect your data.

Technology Infrastructure & Operations

With companies having presences across countries and continents, the need for timely and apt communication, which is the prerequisite for desired collaboration, has never been so fervent. After methodically analyzing your business needs and nature, we can build an error-proof communication ecosystem for you by leveraging the power of ultra-modern collaboration facilities.

Mobile Security

Companies have invested to secure their corporate network but what happens when employees or suppliers bring their own devices (BYOD) that are not under corporate IT control? These devices typically have very weak security. Widespread access points spanning from usage of publicly available Wi-Fi networks to masked permissions on mobile makes users more susceptible and easy target for intrusion and stealing of personal data by putting user privacy at risk. We deliver a combination of Futurism services for mobile security best practices along with product capabilities such as access control, mobile malware detection and policy enforcement.

IoT Security

While more and more organizations being IoT centric and trying to harness the power of industrial automation, security becomes a crucial aspect that if not considered serious can halt and risk entirety of operations. With preventive measures enabling companies align with Industrie 4.0 and maturity assessment for enterprises strengthen your overall ecosystem right from the foundational setup with IoT security leverage at Futurism.

Our Team The Building Block of Futurism Technologies' Digitalization Moto! Every organization is as good as its employees. We are no exception. It’s the sheer talent and passion of our team which has enabled us digitally transform countless businesses all across the globe. Our maverick team members will be there at the event. Meet them, inquire about our products, and know more about their exciting journey.

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February 24 - 28, 2020

RSA Conference 2020

February 24 - 28, 2020 Moscone Center San Francisco

More than 650 Exhibitors, Over 500 Sessions, and more than 700 speakers from around the world.

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