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Futurism Dimensions E-commerce

Futurism Dimensions, an ace e-commerce platform, has germinated from the recognition that e-commerce is no longer a stand-alone channel but an integrated business component. With a goal of making the establishment of online business simpler, we are enabling businesses to move from siloed online, in-store, and phone shopping channels to an integrated commerce solution that seamlessly connects e-commerce and in-store POS to order management, inventory, merchandising, marketing, financials, and customer service. Consequently, we are dramatically changing the way merchants sell and buyers shop.


Our Offerings Build, Deploy, Manage, and Measure. All in one place

Dimensions Commerce

    It’s just not enough for a modern online store to be customizable and easily configurable. The key to success is it should be scalable and ready-to-go from the moment of final deployment. Our whole ecosystem of Dimensions Commerce revolves around this thought. Our Dimensions Commerce Offerings Include:

  • E-Commerce Consultation

  • Ecommerce Store Design And Development

  • Consumer Experience Design

  • 3rd Party Services Integration

  • M-Commerce Development

  • Social Commerce

  • Reporting and Analytics

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Dimensions Marketing

    Not those who visit your store, but those who get convert fire up your sales funnel. We ensure more conversions through a strategic mix of all the marketing avenues. Our Dimensions Marketing Offerings Include:

  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting

  • Online Campaigns

  • Personalized Social Media Advertising

  • Behavioral Tracking

  • Abandoned Cart Reminders

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Dimensions Analytics

    Data isn’t just today’s currency. It’s today’s gold. The reason for it is accurate strategic decisions, which can make or break your business, are possible only if you can convert your historical, real-time, traditional, and big data into actionable insights. We empower your entire e-commerce lookout by filtering and analyzing the smallest details of your collected data. Our Dimensions Analytics Services Include:

  • Financial Analytics

  • Customers Analytics

  • Marketing and Sales Analytics

  • Supply Chain Analytics

  • Asset Analytics

  • Service Delivery Analytics

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Dimensions Mobility

    By creating customized mobile apps, we vitalize the customer experience by providing your customers with instant access to search for a product catalog, check order status, and add items to a cart and checkout. Our Dimensions Mobility Offerings Include:

  • Retailer App

  • Market Place App

  • Catalog App

  • Service Booking App

  • CRM App

  • Delivery and Tracking App

  • AR and VR Integrated Shopping App

  • Order Booking App

  • Warehouse and Inventory App

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Dimensions Connectors

    Futurism Dimensions was envisioned with the idea of creating a single and internally-connected full-fledged e-commerce platform. That’s precisely why it comes with the flexibility to get connected with all your mission-critical processes, even retrospectively. Our Dimensions Connectors Offerings Include:

  • ERP integration

  • Accounting Integration

  • CRM Integration

  • Inventory Management Integration

  • Product Catalog Integration

  • Analytics Integration

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