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With each passing day, differentiating on the basis of products is going to be costly and time consuming. Customer service and thereby customer satisfaction will alone emerge as a catalyst for visible differentiation. A help desk, a multi-dimensional resource that specially focuses on end-user functionality, will hold a pivotal place for an organization that wants to chart out a success curve. The reason is it utilizes special software to deliver a quick resolution of immediate needs, incidents and technical issues of end users and bring them back into functioning mode. Recognizing this potential of Help Desk in delighting the customers, we are providing Help Desk Service Framework by ensuring the optimization of the guidance included in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology.


Private Labeled Help Desk

    Irrespective of your customers’ needs as varied as technical, product, or application support, Futurism’s IT Help Desk support service can be branded and tailored to meet your specific requirements. If you need the appearance of a dedicated internal support team or IT help desk, Futurism Technologies offers several private labeled help desk options such as

  • Custom Automated System Greetings

  • Custom Live Greetings

  • Custom Email Signatures with Customer Logos

  • Custom Stylized Email Reports to All Call-In Users

  • Custom Web Portal with Customer Logo

  • Custom Remote Screen-Sharing Capability

  • Custom Embedded Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Hardware Diagnosis

    Since hardware wireframe forms the backbone of IT infrastructure, we provide following front-line hardware diagnosis and escalation services:

  • First-line support for field personnel and their respective hardware

  • Warranty repair/replacement order processing including submission to a 3rd party service provider or your internal IT department

  • First-line support for employees and their hardware

  • Shipping an on-site technician from your internal IT department or a 3rd party service provider

Internet Call Tracking Access

    We provide state-of-the-art help desk software and Web interface to offer you Internet access to your call status. You can:

  • Retrieve and view your call tickets via the Internet, VPN connection, or dedicated circuit.

  • Escalate calls to a 3rd party service provider or your internal IT department.

  • Remove your own internal call tracking system and use ours through the Internet.

  • Get a unified integration of all support teams and full audit trail on any issue.

Remote Control Assistance

    Nothing satisfies caller more than a quick resolution of their problem by a knowledgeable help desk agent. Through remote control software assistance, we provide:

  • Permission-based remote control of your caller's PC.

  • Steady voice and visual resolution of your caller's issue.

  • Capability for the caller to see the help desk agent controlling their PC's mouse and keyboard.

  • Methodology where caller regains full control of their PC at any time.

Proprietary Application Support

    We provide proprietary application support using one of the following three approaches:

  • Call Routing Only: This approach lets you have a single point of contact to your callers. We take the call, log the call, and simply escalate to your internal team according to pre-defined processes.

  • Top Ten Issues: Using this approach we offload some of the support from you by undertaking calls associated with the top ten issues. Rest of the calls would be escalated to your internal team according to pre-defined processes.

  • Full Support: Through this approach, we provide you the team that trains you on application(s) to resolve a high percentage of calls upon the first contact.

The ImpactMeasurable cost saving due to right admixture of scalability and expertise

Our Value PropositionBringing a holistic approach for performance enhancement

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