Marketing Automation Services

Automate Your Marketing and Sales Processes to Generate More Leads

Marketing Automation

Did you know 78% of successful marketers say that marketing automation has been a core factor in their success! Marketing automation enables marketers to automate marketing processes as well as multifunctional campaigns across platforms effortlessly. In an organization, both sales and marketing teams can benefit from marketing automation. They can use it to automate their sales activities, manage marketing campaigns, and improve revenues. When an organization uses marketing automation properly, it can reduce repetitive tasks, minimize errors, and improve productivity. We help businesses capitalize on opportunities, maximize profits, and build performance and conversion-centric marketing automation strategies.


Marketing Automation Services Automate Your Marketing and Sales Processes to Generate More Leads

HubSpot Marketing Automation

    HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing automation tools available today. Although it is one of the widely used tools across the world, many sales and marketing professionals are yet to exploit its potential. At Futurism Technologies, we create custom solutions that are tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you wish to use the HubSpot CRM tool or Marketing automation or wish to streamline your inbound marketing activities, our experts can help you achieve your goals easily through the following HubSpot Marketing Automation activities:

  • Focused Persona Targeting

  • Content Strategizing

  • Social Media & Blogging

  • Conversation Path Optimization

  • Landing Page and Forms

  • Conversational Bots

  • Lead Flow Activation

  • Drip and Nurturing Campaigns

  • Lead Scoring

  • Attribution Reporting

Salesforce Marketing Automation

    Salesforce enables your marketing and sales teams to lay hands-on customer information including their demographics, name, location, industry, and so on. When you integrate Salesforce with your legacy systems, your sales team can gain visibility of customer behavior and activity history, which will help them refine their sales campaigns and engage in more meaningful conversations with their customers. We help our customers shape their sales and marketing campaigns with the most useful customer data by leveraging Salesforce. All Salesforce integration activities including the following are performed by certified experts:

  • Salesforce Account Set Up

  • Migrations

  • CRM Integration

  • API Integration

Marketo Marketing Automation

    Today, every business understands the importance of delivering strong customer experiences. To achieve it they are turning to our Marketo Marketing Automation services. Marketo is a popular marketing platform that helps businesses to orchestrate strong customer experiences by automating lead scoring, assuring lead quality and quantity, offering product recommendations, and so on. Marketo features everything that is needed to drive a results-focused marketing campaign. As part of Marketo Marketing Automation services, we provide the following services:

  • Marketo Account Set Up

  • Landing Page Design and Development

  • Third-Party Integration

  • Landing Page Design and Development

  • Campaign Execution and Management

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Lead Management

Eloqua Marketing Automation

    Today, most businesses want to focus on closed-loop sales and marketing activities across marketing channels and they rely on advanced platforms like Oracle’s Eloqua Marketing Automation to achieve the same. The platform enables them to create impressive and successful campaigns based on buyers’ activities in real-time and coordinate their sales activities. As part of our Eloqua Marketing Automation services, our experts perform the following activities:

  • Migration to Oracle Eloqua

  • Enablement, deployment, and testing

  • Campaign services desk

  • Lead source insights

  • Custom development

  • Integration maintenance and troubleshooting

Infusionsoft Marketing Automation

    Building meaningful customer relationships have been challenging for most small businesses. They have been relying on advanced marketing platforms like Infusionsoft Marketing Platforms to reach out to their prospective customers and drive transactions. Although extremely popular among small businesses, many are yet to harness the full potential of this marketing automation platform from Keap. At Futurism Technologies, we help our clients explore this platform to build customer-centric and successful businesses. As part of Infusionsoft Marketing Automation services, our experts can perform:

  • Infusionsoft account set up

  • Campaign execution and management

  • Integrations

  • Reporting and analytics setup

  • Best-in-class support

Act-On Marketing Automation

    Act-on marketing automation enables businesses to expand their customer base for sustained business growth. This automation platform helps drive product or service-related awareness, convert leads, and deliver great customer experiences. Our experts help our clients utilize this software for their business benefits and explore it to its fullest potential through the following services:

  • Act-on account setup

  • Act-on consulting

  • Act-on platform and analytics evaluation

  • Free email and landing page templates

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