6 Reasons Dimensions is the Best Bang for your Buck

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6 Reasons Dimensions is the Best Bang for your Buck

According to a report by Digital Commerce 360, the global eCommerce sales reached a staggering $4.29 trillion in 2020, which accounts for a 24.1% YoY growth. The eCommerce landscape underwent seismic shift in the last year with online shopping becoming the new normal accompanied by a staggering growth in the number of eCommerce stores.

Ecommerce Sales
Source: Digital Commerce 360

While this stupendous growth is a promising signal for eCommerce retailers, it comes with its share of challenges. Today, an eCommerce store not only needs to manage the rapid influx of visitors, but it must also meet the ever-evolving customer expectations and provide highly personalized shopping experience besides being mobile-friendly and omnichannel friendly to stay ahead of the curve.

With the digital penetration rate poised to rise each year as an increasing number of consumers become comfortable with online shopping, eCommerce businesses ought to fine-tune their operations and overhaul their stores to exceed customer expectations.

It’s a paradigm shift in retail

Simply having an eCommerce site won’t do any good in today’s digital age! As eCommerce retailers brace themselves to catch up with the digital revolution, eCommerce stores ought to be more advanced and future-ready to offer personalized customer experiences. This is where it counts to have a next-gen eCommerce tool equipped with advanced technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Automation, etc. to help you know your customers better.

Dimensions is a next-gen and future ready eCommerce platform that comes with a range of sophisticated and performance-enhancing modules and functionalities to help eCommerce stores offer super-personalized experiences to their customers.

Futurism Dimensions Benefits

Top 6 reasons to love Futurism Dimensions

Dimensions is more than an eCommerce platform. It takes care of all the nitty-gritty aspects of securing and maintaining an eCommerce site. Here’s why Dimensions is a perfect pick-me-up eCommerce platform:

1. AI for Personalization and Automation

AI for Personalization and Automation
Source: via Master of Code Global (published on- Medium)

Gone are the days when human agents used to be the only viable option for customer service. Yes, a huge chunk of online shoppers today prefer talking to Chatbots. In fact, according to a Usabilla survey, 70% of online shoppers prefer talking to a chatbot over a human.

AI is turning out to be a game changer when it comes to achieving this new level of sophistication and user experience. Dimensions lets you deploy smart and intelligent AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants that utilize machine learning (ML) algorithms to come up with smart replies to customer queries. This will not only help to curb the response time significantly, but will also save service costs.

Dimensions lets you create personalized virtual agents/assistants that are powered by AI and machine learning algorithms. Unlike Siri or Alexa, Dimensions lets you create personalized virtual agents using a real face. This is no ordinary chatbot, but a human like bot to deliver ultra-personalized customer experience. These agents can help you address those late night customer queries that often drop in after business hours with smart and automated responses.

Dimensions’ AI capabilities can also help with inventory tracking and automate critical processes such as procurement, payments, etc. Most importantly, Dimensions’ AI abilities can help you understand your customers better by identifying their shopping behaviors, shopping history, preferences, etc., which in turn will help you serve them in a more personalized manner. It can also extend business intelligence to help and create personalized marketing campaigns and plans for better ROI.

2. Fully-secured

According to Forrester, more than 80% of ecommerce platform spend goes towards security and maintenance!

Unlike other open-source eCommerce platforms that are highly prone to attacks and breaches, Dimensions makes sure that your eCommerce store gets the most recent security patches and updates. Built on a trusted and leading software framework, Dimensions leverages two-factor authentication and powerful encryption to protect your store from thefts, hacks and security breaches. Dimensions takes care of all the security concerns pertaining to your eCommerce store and the customer data so that you focus on sales and saves you from the hassles of spending on security professionals and IT crew.

Magneto IT Solutions
Source: Magneto IT Solutions

Dimensions comes with advanced security automation functionalities to detect fraudulent activities like fake reviews, registrations, etc. Stop unwanted access and use SSL to secure all your pages to gain customer trust by offering a trusted payment gateway. Dimensions periodically releases new security updates and patches to help you plug any vulnerability. Dimensions offers all the tools and documentation to help you keep your online store secure.

Most importantly, with Dimensions you get a dedicated support team to address your security concerns 24×7. You don’t have to shell out additionally for maintenance and support.

4. Visual Search

According to an IndustryARC report, the global visual search market is estimated to reach a whopping $14,727 million by the year 2023. Unfortunately, only 8% of retail businesses have an in-built image search functionality on their eCommerce websites.

IN Cart Marketing
Source: IN Cart Marketing

Dimensions can help you bridge the gap between online and offline shopping world through its seamless visual search functionality. Dimensions lets you provide exceptional shopping experience for your customers with its AI-powered visual search capability. The visual search feature leverages artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to learn the context and content of images provided by the user to throw up accurate search results. Dimensions helps you eliminate the friction between seeing and purchasing with its visual search feature.

Dimensions let you improve user experience and product discovery accuracy and conversion rates by combining text-based search and visual search. Further, you get to improved partnership opportunities with tech companies, brands, retailers, etc. Also, marketers can gain improved insights into customer motivations and habits, which in turn would help to offer a more tailored shopping experience.

4. Business Intelligence and Heat Maps

Dimensions is equipped with future-ready eCommerce modules to offer real-time and intelligent website analytics pertaining to purchase patterns, site navigation patterns and history, customer preferences and much more. It also comes with a built-in heat map feature to offer real time customer intelligence and digital customer journey insights. This data can also help to prevent misguided and misplaced advertising and digital marketing campaigns.

Futurism Dimensions Dashboard
Futurism Dimensions Dashboard

The heat map feature helps to identify the most visited areas of website and what/where the customers and visitors are clicking the most on your site. In addition, customer session playback feature helps to identify a customer’s journey on your website. The live customer feature on the other hand helps you offer prompt support to customers on your website.

You don’t need to be a retail giant to be able to provide a personalized experience to your customers, since Dimensions offers you all the vital customer insights and intelligence without having to bomb your budget.

5. Integrated Digital Marketing

An online store with no visitor is as good as dead.

Another USP of Dimensions is its integrated digital marketing offering.  Create cross-channel and targeted marketing campaigns, lead-gen campaigns and personalize communications and customer engagement with Dimensions’ integrated digital marketing solution. Leverage real-time market analytics to engage, nurture and convert customers for your eCommerce store with Dimensions.

Unlike other open-source eCommerce platforms that come with built-in marketing tools with limited functionalities, Dimensions gives you access to a pool of digital marketing experts to amplify your marketing game. Work with certified digital marketing experts, who can tailor marketing strategies apt for your business.

From email marketing to social media marketing and paid advertising to organic (SEO) marketing, you get all with Dimensions.

Dimensions not only help you build your eCommerce store, but also makes sure that your customers find you.

Digital Marketing Services

6. Mobile ready

According to Statista, more than 80% of internet users in the U.S. have used a mobile device to shop online.

Mobile devices are transforming the eCommerce landscape as we see it today. In fact, according to Google, more than 90% of users who search for a product on their mobile devices tend to make a related purchase. Business Insider estimates the mobile commerce market share to reach a whopping $488 billion by 2024. The need for seamless mobile shopping experience was never this evident.

Dimensions was built keeping in mind the quintessential factor i.e. mobile optimization. Design your mobile app with responsive pages, quick checkout functionalities, user-friendly cart and much more for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Dimensions can provide you with fully mobile optimized app and/or site that is easy to use and offers a smooth check out experiences for users. All these and much more without limiting or affecting anything from the main site. 

Some more reasons to love Dimensions!

Budget friendly: Dimensions is a budget-friendly and next-gen eCommerce platform to help you build and grow your online business on the go. It is a fully integrated eCommerce platform equipped with powerful tools and technology to help you customize and launch your e-store on the run.

No hidden costs: Dimensions offers 24×7 customer support, which is something that a business needs to buy separately with other eCommerce platforms. Unlike other eCommerce platforms that require you to subscribe to forums or community pages for support and development purposes, Dimensions comes with pre-included support pack, so you don’t have to spend additionally on support, maintenance, hosting, IT, etc. No surprises!

Ease of use: No rocket science required to work withDimensions. No need to hire developers and coding experts to maintain your online store, thus bringing down the total cost of ownership (TCO). Dimensions eliminates the complexities of building and growing an eCommerce store. It comes with all the required functionalities like important site plugins, built-in marketing tools, automation capabilities, drag-and-drop store builder and much more.

Dimensions gives you full control of your ecommerce store. No need to spend countless hours in configuring and building your ecommerce store.

These are just some of the great benefits of Dimensions. From small enterprises to large retailers with multiple locations and thousands of products, Dimensions is a preferred eCommerce platform for developers, merchants, and business owners alike.

Ready to jumpstart your eCommerce business or looking to drive growth for your existing eCommerce store? Dimensions can help.

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