Futurism at India Warehousing & Logistics Show 2023

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November 22, 2023 - 2.2K
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Futurism at India Warehousing & Logistics Show 2023

Futurism Technologies is showcasing its innovative Smart Warehouse Management Solution at the India Warehousing & Logistics Show 2023 aka IWLS 2023. This year, the focus is on further revolutionizing warehouse management with cutting-edge AI and IoT technology.

Futurism’s Vision for Warehousing in 2023

Futurism Technologies is eager to demonstrate how their Smart Warehouse Management Solution, powered by advanced middleware, can transform warehouse operations. This solution offers real-time tracking and end-to-end visibility, ensuring efficient management of warehouse assets.

“We are excited to present our advanced IoT-enabled smart warehouse solution, aimed at improving warehouse and logistics management with smart indoor and outdoor asset tracking capabilities. This advanced warehousing system merges multiple real-time locating systems (RTLS) and technologies into a cohesive platform, delivering an all-encompassing solution for managing warehouse assets.”

– Mr. Sheetal Pansare, CEO of Futurism Technologies.

Futurism’s Smart Warehouse Management Solution addresses various challenges in warehouse operations, such as redundant processes, poor inventory visibility, and high labor costs. It aims to automate critical inventory operations, enhance supply chain management, and significantly reduce operating costs and risks.

Key Features of Futurism’s Smart Warehouse Management

1. Smart Indoor Asset Tracking

Welcome to the next level of warehouse management. Streamline your storage and align freight lots efficiently to maximize space and minimize costs and time. Witness unparalleled efficiency at the India Warehousing & Logistics Show 2023!

  • Seamless real-time and mobile asset tracking
  • Optimal utilization of storage space
  • Comprehensive visibility of inventory from start to end
  • Streamlined flow of assets and materials
  • Effortless tracking of pallets
  • Detailed visualization of assets

2. Smart Outdoor Asset Tracking

Discover the ease of tracking outdoor assets like valuable goods, construction equipment, shipments, tools, and containers with our smart warehousing solution. Monitor your outdoor assets effectively through a user-friendly interface.

  • Diverse tracking methods (RFID, Bluetooth Beacons, UB, GPS, LTE, etc.)
  • Online visualization of transport freights
  • Geo-fencing and movement alerts
  • Suitable for all types of transport containers
  • Tailored alerts and notifications
  • Minimized human errors and reduced costs

3. Smart Warehouse Management

Explore our revolutionary warehouse management solution, tailored to automate crucial inventory processes. Boost accuracy and efficiency in fleet management, leading to a more streamlined logistics and supply chain.

  • Comprehensive management of goods from pick-up to QC, storage, and retrieval
  • Smart warehouse operations with reduced human errors
  • Centralized data for warehouse operations
  • Real-time tracking of inventory locations
  • Enhanced logistics and supply chain management
  • Improved order fulfillment rates and worker safety

4. Smart Storage Area Monitoring

Delve into advanced analytics for your storage, improving visibility of stock levels. Enjoy the benefits of smart storage optimization and efficient warehouse operations, saving both time and money. Join our IoT expert at the India Warehousing & Logistics Show 2023 for more insights.

  • Advanced monitoring for perishable items
  • Remote monitoring of storage areas
  • Automated environmental control in storage areas
  • Real-time monitoring of storage conditions
  • Monitoring of inventory’s physical state
  • Compliance with storage and regulatory standards

Transforming Warehouse Operations

Futurism is committed to helping businesses enhance their logistics and warehouse operations. Our solution includes features like smart storage area monitoring, indoor and outdoor asset tracking, and smart pallet monitoring and tracing. These features are designed to automate and centralize warehouse operations, ensuring optimum utilization of assets and reducing human errors and costs.

Connect with Futurism at the Show

Organizations interested in redefining their warehouse and logistic operations can connect with our IoT expert at the India Warehousing & Logistics Show 2023 in Mumbai. This is an opportunity to see firsthand how Futurism’s solution can help businesses reduce warehouse operating costs and risks by more than 75%.

Join us at the India Warehousing & Logistics Show 2023 in Mumbai and discover how we are transforming the smart warehouses of tomorrow powered by IoT.

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