How IBM MaaS360 is helping Manufacturers win at Endpoint Security?

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December 21, 2021 - 3.2K
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How IBM MaaS360 is helping Manufacturers win at Endpoint Security?

Digital transformation has taken the manufacturing industry disrupting production and supply chains. Over the years, many manufacturers have embraced digital transformation to improve their productivity, make data-driven decisions, and accelerate their time-to-market capabilities. Yes! The fourth industrial revolution aka Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape as we see it today. This means that they can easily accomplish their daily targets and meet deadlines through various technologies and connected devices such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and so on.

In addition, digital transformation has exposed them to a data deluge. Although the gargantuan network of connected devices is quite helpful when it comes to streamlining their operations across all phases of supply chain and production, it also introduces a scary concept of endpoint security for manufacturing industry.

A recent study by IBM confirmed that the manufacturing industry is the 8th most targeted industry by cybercriminals. However, in 2020, manufacturing became the 2nd most targeted industry by attackers followed by finance and insurance sector. The Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) published in 2021 confirms a 300% increase in cyber attacks in 2020. This is because, in 2020, most manufacturing companies relied on remote workers and invested in different digital technologies to sustain.

This post intends to throw light endpoint security for manufacturing industry. Read on to find out…

Endpoint Security for Manufacturers: Common Threats

Most manufacturers nowadays operate through connected networks. The majority of the employees in the manufacturing industry are connected through various endpoint devices. Unfortunately, most employees are unaware of the dangers of cyber threats, and this makes them vulnerable to attackers. Following are some common endpoint security risks for manufacturers.

1. Ransomware

This is the most common type of cyber-attacks faced by manufacturers. Ransomware attacks have forced manufacturers to pay tons of dollars in ransom payments to release their sensitive data from attackers or spend big amounts to replace and repair devices in the network. In fact, the cost of cybercrimes incurred by Ransomware and other cybercrimes is expected to surpass $6 trillion in the coming few years. Endpoint security for manufacturing needs to be a priority.

2. Data Theft

When cyber attackers enter into a network through various endpoint devices, they gain access to the sensitive data of thousands of customers. For a customer, this may mean stolen social security numbers (SSN), credit card or debit card numbers, and so on. For a manufacturer, this may mean the beginning of expensive lawsuits.

3. Phishing and Spear Phishing

These are two common practices adopted by hackers to jeopardize the security of a manufacturer’s networks. Many times employees may receive a mail sounding “Dear Respected Employee” or “Dear Valued Customer”. The letter may sometimes include the company logo of a vendor, which makes it look genuine. Spear phishing is an advanced form of phishing where some special employees are targeted. The mail may refer to some special order, account details, and event details, which will make you believe them. These emails often ask you to share sensitive information like codes, passwords, and so on, which would easily offer access to sensitive data restricted networks.

4. Supply Chain Attacks

Manufacturers often operate through a network of supply chain partners comprising of shipping companies, logistics partners, investors, wholesale and retail partners, and storage facilities. These partners often have access to information about their services. Thus, they may also serve as entry points for hackers to gain access to the company’s network.

Good news is that manufacturers these days are waking up to endpoint security and are securing their endpoint networks by investing in robust endpoint security solutions like IBM MaaS360.

Futurism EndPoint Secure
Futurism EndPoint Secure Powered by IBM MaaS360

Let’s see why IBM MaaS360 for manufacturing industry is the hot-pick.

Why IBM MaaS360 is Being Embraced by Manufacturers Worldwide?

IBM MaaS360 is one of the proven and  advanced endpoint security solution available today. This solution can be integrated with existing manufacturing security workflows. Here’s why IBM Maas360 endpoint security solution for manufacturing is the most preferred choice:

  • It helps manufacturers gain better visibility and control of all endpoints in their network including various mobile devices, IoT devices, applications, and so on.
  • They can customize this solution to set endpoint security policies and this when combined with predictive analytics and Watson AI allows them to identify potential endpoint threats, as well as implement remediation measures before they jeopardize the network.
  • IBM MaaS360 for manufacturing industry not only protects the mobile apps, but also protects data, content, and allows manufacturers to monitor their remote workforce effectively.
  • This solution meets various global compliance standards depending on the edition that you choose. The following are a few global and industry standards that this solution complies with:
    • CSA STAR Level 1 (Self-Assessment)
    • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Impact Level Moderate
    • ISO 27001
    • FedRAMP Moderate Impact Level
    • SOC2 Type 2 (SSAE 16)

Do you want to take advantage of IBM MaaS360 for manufacturing business? You must consider partnering with a trusted and experienced managed endpoint security services provider in the manufacturing industry.

Futurism EndPoint Secure powered by IBM Maas360 help you get the most out of IBM when it comes to endpoint security for manufacturing sector.

Futurism Endpoint Secure powered by IBM MaaS360 is a fully-managed endpoint security solution that can be customized to meet endpoint security needs of diverse manufacturing business needs.

Get in touch with one of the security experts at Futurism to know how Futurism Endpoint Secure powered by IMB MaaS360 can secure your manufacturing business.

Call +1 (732) 790-2593 or book a FREE consultation.

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