Why We Love Ecom World And You Should, Too!

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June 18, 2021 - 5.2K
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Why We Love Ecom World And You Should, Too!

We can’t contain our excitement for the Ecom World Conference 2021.

It’s a competitive and challenging eCommerce world today. With the retail landscape shifting right beneath our feet, old-school tactics and technologies simply won’t work anymore. Today, it is all about having a strong omnichannel presence and ability to provide personalized buyer journeys and customer experiences to stay ahead of the curve.

As a leading digital transformation partner for hundreds of our esteemed customers, we at Futurism Technologies Inc. understand the plights and challenges of maintaining an eCommerce business in today’s cutthroat and fast-paced digital world. We are dedicated in assisting businesses to embrace the future of eCommerce with Dimensions, a next-gen eCommerce platform equipped with advanced AI capabilities and built-in intelligent analytics to offer ultra-personalized customer experiences and achieve quick ROI.

We are coming to the Ecom World Conference 2021

We are coming to the Ecom World Conference 2021
Ecom World 2021 – What’s in it for me?

World’s largest eCommerce event goes online this year! Join thousands of eCommerce, technology and digital transformation experts as they spill some of the best-kept eCommerce secrets and strategies at the world’s most exciting eCommerce event.

Ecom World is one of the leading eCommerce events that gives access to unmatched industry insights. Over two unmissable days (28-29 JUNE 2021), discover end-to-end and exclusive eCommerce knowledge and actionable strategies ranging from AI-based personalized agents to intelligent visual search and smart procurement to built-in marketing tools and much more.

Get insider tips from successful Direct-to-consumer  or DTC  brands related to product sourcing, order fulfillment, sustainability, customer support, brand building, store design and optimization, and everything you want to know about the future of eCommerce including AI-powered bots (virtual agents), AI-based automated procurement and inventory management, augmented reality and the future of customer experience and personalization. Learn and discover the now, the new and the next in eCommerce sphere.

World-class domain expertise you cannot afford to miss

Ecom World 2021 is a must-attend event for everyone and anyone involved in B2C or B2B eCommerce. Network with world’s most innovative brains, founders, leaders and amazing DTC brands that are handpicked to share their proven expertise and success mantra to help you scale your eCommerce business in 2021 and beyond.

Join them for inspiring speeches, workshops, panels and live Q&A sessions, all from the comfort of your home. Most important of all, discover some of the novel and advanced eCommerce tools and digital transformation leaders to give your online business the jumpstart it needs.

All set to help your brand grow and propel? Ecom World is for you.

We will be there too!

Interested to catapult your existing eCommerce business/brand or want to start afresh? Futurism can help.

Join us as we continue to help businesses unlock the true value of digital at the world’s largest digital transformation event!

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Futurism Technologies, Inc. helps businesses leverage the power of digital in a cost-efficient manner. With decades of expertise, Futurism has evolved as a trusted DX partner for 1000+ fortune businesses, helping them to unlock the true value of digital. Futurism provides DX services across entire value chain including e-commerce, digital infrastructure, business processes, digital customer engagement, and cybersecurity.​

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