Futurism Brings Cutting-Edge Cybertech to GISEC GLOBAL 2023

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March 14, 2023 - 4.2K
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Futurism Brings Cutting-Edge Cybertech to GISEC GLOBAL 2023

Futurism Technologies, a leading IBM Global Business Partner, is set to showcase its cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions at the Gulf Information Security Expo & Conference aka GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai, UAE. The event, taking place from March 14-16, will bring together more than 300 cybersecurity leaders, 300+ infosec leaders and 100+ countries to discuss the latest advancements in the world of cybersecurity.

Futurism Technologies will be showcasing their expertise in the field of cybersecurity and demonstrating the importance of Zero Trust Security. Our cybersecurity experts will be available to answer all questions and provide insights on how to strengthen your company’s security posture using coming-of-age cybersecurity solutions. The company will showcase its four main solutions – Futurism Eagle Eye, Futurism EndPoint Secure, Futurism Secure-Access, and Futurism Data-Protect.

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Futurism Eagle (IBM Qradar SIEM)

Futurism Eagle Eye offers advanced threat protection and detection using IBM QRadar, IBM Watson AI, and IBM X-Force. It provides real-time advanced threat intelligence, Zero Trust security framework, protection against multi-prong attacks and Ransomware, insider threat detection, and automatic investigation capabilities. Join us at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai to see how Futurism Eagle Eye is helping organizations keep advanced threats at bay. 

  • Zero Trust Security Framework
  • Protection against multi-prong attacks and Ransomware
  • Real-time advanced threat intelligence (IBM Watson AI)
  • Advanced threat protection (IBM QRadar and IBM X-Force)
  • Automatic investigation capabilities
  • Insider threat detection

Futurism EndPoint Secure (Endpoint Security)

Futurism EndPoint Secure offers managed MAM and MDM service, fully managed endpoint security, zero trust security model, IBM X-Force threat intelligence, endpoint security for connected medical devices (IoMT), and endpoint security for all critical endpoints. Feel free to meet our security experts GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai to know more about market-winning endpoint security solution.

  • Fully managed endpoint security
  • IBM MaaS360 threat intelligence
  • Zero Trust endpoint security
  • Endpoint security for all critical endpoints
  • Managed MAM and MDM service
  • Endpoint security for connected medical devices (IoMT Security)

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Futurism Secure-Access (Identity & Access Management)

Futurism Secure-Access provides fully managed Identity and Access Management (IAM) services backed by IBM Verify Access. The solution offers risk-based access policies powered by AI, control over critical assets with identity federation, a perfect balance between usability and security, risk-based mobile multi-factor authentication, and improved end-user productivity. Drop by our security experts at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai to explore our solution in detail.

  • Full control over critical assets with identity federation
  • Risk-based access policies powered by AI
  • Risk-based mobile multi-factor authentication
  • Perfect balance between usability and security
  • Intelligent Hybrid IAM approach
  • Improved end-user productivity

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Futurism Data-Protect (Data Protection & Monitoring)

Futurism Data-Protect offers fully managed database monitoring and protection service powered by IBM Guardium. The solution provides improved security strategy and maturity, data loss prevention (DLP) and security governance, faster remediation and threat response, intelligent data and threat analytics powered by IBM Guardium, and powerful and centralized database monitoring. Team Futurism will be more than happy to walk you through our coming-of-age data protection offering at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai.

  • Data loss prevention (DLP) & security governance
  • Improved security strategy and maturity
  • Powerful and centralized database monitoring
  • Faster remediation and threat response
  • Intelligent data and threat analytics powered by IBM Guardium


Futurism Technologies is committed to providing industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to enterprises, MSPs, channel partners, and resellers around the world. Our Managed Cyber Security Services include security consulting, advisory, integration, and 24/7 Managed Security Acceleration Services through our ISO-certified and AICPA Accredited SOC (SOC 2 Type 2) located in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and India.

Team Futurism is looking forward to meeting all the attendees at GISEC GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai to discuss all-things cybersecurity and threat intelligence. Attendees are welcome to explore Futurism Technologies’ industry-leading cybersecurity solutions and strengthen their security posture.

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