Log4j Vulnerability:
5 Key Takeaways and Lessons To Learn

Log4j Exploit: 5 Key Takeaways and Lessons

Log4j has been giving sleepless nights to IT and security experts since its discovery last year putting billions of devices and servers at risk. Cybercriminals see a feast of opportunities in Log4j, one of the most critical vulnerabilities ever.

Though the dangers of Log4j vulnerability remain high, the entire chaos underscores a wider concern plaguing IT and security experts around the world. If you are unaware of what goes in your software supply chain, you are already a prime target for the attackers.

Why the Log4j Vulnerability is so severe?

There have been massive attempts to exploit the Log4j vulnerability reported from all corners of the world. By exploiting the JNDI (java naming and directory interface) lookup feature that was exposed by the Log4j vulnerability in the log messages, cybercriminals can hack into your app, run any type of malicious code, steal sensitive information, and take total control of your system. This is why governments, organizations, and individuals across the world are under immense pressure unleashed by the seriousness and impact of the Log4j vulnerability.

Malicious Log4Shell Exploit Attempts
Source: SonicWall Mid-Year 2022 Cyber Threat Report

In another research published by Rezilion, it was found that more than 90,000 IoT-devices and over 65,000 servers are still vulnerable to the Log4J exploit. This is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ say experts, as the actual number of vulnerable servers, devices and applications may be much higher.

Key Takeaways and Lessons Learned from the Log4j Vulnerability

After the rollercoaster ride and mayhem caused by the Log4j vulnerability, it is time for businesses and IT/security experts to shift their focus on the hard lessons learned from the Log4j catastrophe. Our cybersecurity experts at Futurism Technologies have been following the Log4j vulnerability for quite a while now and recommend the following defense measures as key takeaways to keep Log4j attacks at bay.

1. Understand attack tactics and threat models

One of the critical things we have learned from the Log4j vulnerability is that businesses ought to be always ready and equipped to manage Zero Day attacks and monitor their IT environment 24/7. In addition, they should run vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) on a regular basis to identify existing risks and vulnerabilities. Log4j vulnerability is a wake-up call for the less-mature organizations to get their heads into VAPT.

2. A strong security posture is a need of the hour

Deploy a powerful and next-gen SIEM that is powered by industry-leading advanced threat intelligence. Our Advanced Threat Protection Service powered by IBM QRadar, IBM X-Force, and IBM Watson AI offers up-to-the-minute protection from coming-of-age threats including multi-prong attack tactics, vulnerabilities, and new strands of Ransomware. It will work as an extension to your IT and security team equipping them with advanced security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities to identify vulnerabilities including Log4j exploits in real-time.

3. Enforce a Zero Trust security model

Businesses ought to enforce a Zero Trust Security Framework or Model in their data and information security management practices. Built atop the fundamental pillars and fundamentals of people, process, and technology, our Managed Security Acceleration Services leverage a Zero Trust Framework to strengthen your company’s security posture using IBM QRadar (SIEM) and advanced threat intelligence feeds from IBM X-Force and IBM Watson AI.

4. Detection and incident response must go beyond

Big players like Google, Amazon, etc. were prepared to manage the Log4j vulnerability risks quite well. This is why businesses ought to have the best incident response in place to hunt and stop threats before they show up. Zero Day attacks are quite inevitable in today’s digital-first era. This is where Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) comes into the picture. Our managed EDR service helps to thwart off a wide array of advanced threats before they require any manual investigation thus, saving you time and money.

5. Introducing a proactive security approach to prevent severe exploits

Log4j vulnerability is a wake-up call for businesses to think about a Zero Trust maturity model, security automation, and application security. To contain threats like the Log4j vulnerability effectively, you ought to have intelligent web security in place. One of the most intriguing things about Log4j vulnerability is that any application input could trigger its exploit. Threat modeling for this particular vulnerability is quite tough and thus, we can expect exploitations in the least unexpected attack scenario as well. This is the reason detection ought to go beyond the first exploits.


Log4j vulnerability is just one of the many vulnerabilities waiting to be exposed. Our security experts and engineers warn: though the worst might seem to be ceasing, it is always a wise thing to stay vigilant and keep abreast of evolving security threats. It is not about just patching the Log4j vulnerability, but also running a security audit or scan of all your critical IT systems and networks.

Log4j vulnerability taught us the importance of multiple critical security practices including cybersecurity hygiene, Zero Trust security, proactive detection, and threat modeling. The most important lesson of all: seeking expert help from a trusted managed security services provider can go a long way when it comes to deploying the right layers of security and keeping your business safe from evolving security threats like the Log4j vulnerability.

Disclaimer: All the information and views expressed in this article are those of the respective authors and their web sources and in no way reflect the principles, objectives, or views of Futurism Technologies.

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