How to Ensure a Cyber-Secure Holiday for your Business?

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November 27, 2023 - 1.2K
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How to Ensure a Cyber-Secure Holiday for your Business?

The holiday season, often marked by a surge in online shopping, virtual celebrations, and increased digital communication, creates an ideal environment for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities. As the festivities and holidays take center stage, it’s crucial for individuals and organizations alike to prioritize cybersecurity measures to safeguard against potential threats.

30% increase in ransomware attacks in holiday season
Credit: Help Net Security

Understanding the Dynamics of Holiday Cyber Risks

During celebrations, people often become less careful about protecting their digital information, which gives an excellent opportunity to bad actors. There are different types of online dangers during this period, such as tricky emails that seem real, offering huge discounts, or attacks that lock up computer systems. Looking at past years’ numbers reminds us how much riskier this time can be for our online safety.

In addition to the rise in phishing and ransomware attacks, other sophisticated attacks, such as supply chain breaches and data leaks, have also been observed during holiday periods. The incidents involving major organizations like the LA Unified School District and Colonial Pipeline are eye openers demonstrating how cybercriminals exploit these times of reduced defenses.

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Factors Contributing to Holiday Cyber Attacks

More people being online, especially during big shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, makes it easier for cybercriminals and threat actors to strike. Hackers see all the personal and money-related info as a big opportunity. Also, because there are so many sales emails and tempting deals filling up our inboxes, scams become even more successful.

However, it’s not merely the increased online traffic that poses a threat. The strained networks, reduced staffing, and distracted employees trying to wrap up tasks before their holiday break contribute significantly to the vulnerability of organizational systems. These factors collectively create an environment where cyber threats thrive.

Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures for the Holidays

To fortify defenses against holiday-related cyber threats, organizations should consider a multipronged approach:

  • Emphasizing Cyber Education and Awareness

Educating employees about recognizing phishing attempts, suspicious links, and the importance of verifying unexpected emails or offers is crucial. Conducting regular training sessions and simulations can significantly enhance the cybersecurity posture of an organization.

  • Proactive System Maintenance and Updates

Regular software updates, patches, and security fixes must be diligently implemented to mitigate known vulnerabilities. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing significantly reduces the attack surface.

  • Robust Incident Response Plan

Establishing well-defined incident response and backup plan is essential. These plans should encompass clear protocols for handling potential breaches or cyber incidents swiftly and effectively. Having a robust Extended Detection and Response (XDR) plan or mechanism in place can be a lifesaver here.

  • Implementing Advanced Security Solutions

Deploying cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions equipped with advanced AI-powered threat protection solutions ensures real-time monitoring and mitigation of potential threats, even during periods with reduced staff availability.

  • Continuous Monitoring of Third-party Vendors

Assessing the security protocols of interconnected third-party vendors and ensuring compliance with robust security standards is vital to prevent any potential backdoor entries for cyber threats. A powerful endpoint security solution can help you secure all your endpoints including laptops, mobile phones, wearables, tablets, desktops and connected IoT devices.

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Good Cyber Hygiene Practices for Employees:

1. Avoid reusing passwords across multiple accounts. If one account is compromised, using the same credentials elsewhere makes it easier for attackers to access other accounts.

2. Refrain from clicking on tracking number links in unexpected emails. Instead, hover over the links to verify their destinations. During busy periods like holidays, it’s easy to impulsively click on package-related links.

3. Adopt the practice of not disclosing information in response to unsolicited communications. When unsure, directly contact the company, service, or vendor through verified channels like phone numbers, online chat, or official website emails.

4. Activate 2-factor authentication across all your accounts. This additional layer of security helps even if attackers obtain your login details.


The holiday season need not be overshadowed by the looming threat of cyberattacks. By adopting proactive cybersecurity measures and good cyber hygiene practices, organizations can mitigate the risks to a great extent. In addition, getting expert help from a trusted managed cybersecurity services provider can go long way in keeping threat actors at bay.  We at Futurism Technologies are committed to supporting businesses in safeguarding their digital infrastructure not just during the holidays, but also throughout the year. Remember, cybersecurity is a continuous effort, and staying vigilant against potential threats is essential.   

Wishing everyone a safe, secure, and joyous holiday season!

Get in touch with our cybersecurity expert today to see how we can secure your business and customers’ data. 

Stay Safe, Stay Secure.

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