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Designed for Advanced and Coming-of-Age Threats!

Futurism Technologies Inc. is a trusted IBM Silver Business Partner helping enterprises across the world adopt market-leading IBM security technology with its licensing and proprietary cybersecurity service offering – ‘Futurism Eagle Eye’, an advanced threat protection service offering powered by IBM QRadar. Eagle Eye offers the right layers of security skills and resources to keep advanced threats and risks at bay.

Futurism extends the value of IBM security right into the fabric of core business processes. ‘Eagle Eye’ is an integrated managed SIEM service offering that helps enterprises in extending the potential of IBM security products to drive intelligent and technology driven enterprise-grade security operations.

280 days

Average no. of days it takes an organization to detect and contain a breach!


Organizations discover a breach two or more years after the incident!


Organizations lack the right set of security skills/resources to deal with advanced threats!

Why Futurism Eagle Eye?

Best-of-breed security

Detect a wide range of advanced threats including both known and unknown threats by leveraging market-leading security technology including IBM QRadar, IBM Watson AI and IBM X-Force. Identify, prioritize and remediate risks by leveraging the unparalleled threat intelligence of IBM Watson AI to bolster cybersecurity investigations by up to 50%.

Proven technical and security expertise with global presence

Deploy a team of highly experienced and certified cybersecurity experts and amplify your enterprise’s security posture by performing threat modelling, user awareness and routine risk analysis in an enterprise-grade manner. Flexible engagement and licensing model to fit specific business needs. Global presence with offices in the USA, Middle East, Europe, APAC, and Australia.

Proprietary security solutions

Futurism Eagle Eye managed security service is designed to provide businesses with self-optimization and self-diagnostics security features 24-7-365 along equipping them with coming-of-age risks and insider threat detection capabilities. Hunt down threats on the go and speed up incident response activities with Eagle Eye.

The Eagle Eye Advantage

Stopping a potential breach requires knowing exactly what you are up against. Eagle Eye is an advanced threat detection offering that helps you track attackers before they do. Designed for enterprise-scale yet delivered as a managed service offering, Eagle Eye offers up-to-the-minute protection against advanced threats including multi-prong attack tactics and new strands of Ransomware and malware.

Whether you’re facing cybersecurity skills shortage, tackling new threats or are looking to gain better control and visibility over your IT and security infrastructure, Eagle Eye helps. Powered by IBM, Eagle Eye finds threats and vulnerabilities in real time while powerful forensic and investigation capabilities allow enterprises to respond 80% faster in the event of a breach.

  • Better interoperability and low TCO
  • Security solutions developed with market-leading technology (IBM)
  • Trusted IBM Silver Business Partner with 18+ years of expertise
  • Proprietary cybersecurity solutions
  • Proven technical and security expertise
  • Global footprint
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Rapid threat response
  • Real-time security analytics and threat intelligence (IBM Watson AI)
  • Automated incident response
  • On-demand audit capabilities
  • Better compliance

What you get?

We help businesses of all sizes adopt leading IBM security solutions including IBM QRadar, Watson AI and X-Force to automate, streamline and improve their security posture. We help businesses become threat-hunting organizations by helping them leverage the power of IBM QRadar SIEM technology to detect suspicious activities in real-time, prioritize threats automatically with the help of predictive threat intelligence from IBM X-Force and help them to proactively respond to risks and threats.

Advanced Threat Detection (QRadar SIEM)

  • Advanced threat detection protects a business from novel threats and attack vectors in today’s growing attack surface scenario.

  • Real-time and intuitive threat detection and event monitoring using IBM X-Force

  • IBM QRadar cyber incident forensics (network scans to spot unusual communications)

  • Identify abnormal connection behavior (time/volume/geographic), malware/worm propagation, rogue services/systems, etc.

  • PowerShell Attack (detect anomalous and malicious processes)

  • DNS Attack (detect requests to malicious/infected websites, identify DNS certificates and trends)

Insider Threat Detection

    Futurism is a trusted name for hundreds of businesses when it comes to dealing with some of the most stealthiest and hidden internal threats.

  • Privileged user monitoring

    • Preconfigured notifications/alerts for DoS attacks

    • Alerts for hijacked accounts

    • Behavioral analytics

  • Trusted Host and Entity Compromise

    • Determine risk score of a suspected entity (e.g. dissatisfied employee) using historical behavior and machine learning (ML) algorithms

    • Track network activities across the board (abnormal resource access, lateral movement, browser exploits, suspicious file downloads, malware activities, beaconing, etc.)

    • Monitor remote access activity (password sharing, credential theft)

    • Track account takeovers, credential violations and privilege escalations

    • DNS (exfiltration, tunneling)

    • File integrity monitoring

  • Abnormal Authentication Behavior

    • Get real-time notifications and alerts for threats including brute force attacks, misconfigured/unauthorized apps and password guessing

    • Customize access rules to detect unusual network activity

      • Alerts for:

      • Multiple password attempts

      • Credentials and VPN sharing

      • Unauthorized access/apps

      • Duplicate user names

Cloud Discovery

    Futurism Eagle Eye cyber security monitoring services let you monitor and secure your cloud service entities with minimal efforts and hassle.

  • Track unusual cloud workload and usage

  • Centralized behavior analysis and security monitoring

  • Real-time cloud network visualization

  • Powerful container security

  • Identify multi-vector threats

  • Track misconfigurations

  • Advanced user monitoring

Data Exfiltration

    Eagle Eye managed SIEM cyber security monitoring services prevent data exfiltration by providing complete visibility of each stage in the attack chain. Leverage AI powered security automation for tracking anomalous network traffic and activities.

  • Monitor network traffic and activity for large data transfers

  • Better visibility into all network communications

  • Encrypt exfiltrated data

    • Get alerts for:

    • Abnormal volumes of data transfer to external domain

    • Exfiltration – files stacked in sensitive directories

    • Emails containing confidential/sensitive files

    • Anomalous access followed by suspicious data exfiltration

Phishing Attacks

    Identify malicious content or code including the ones hidden in SSL certificate breaches, file tags, data transmissions, unusual network flows, etc.

  • Detect suspicious e-mails, subject lines, attachments and content

  • X-Force Integration to track and identify malware family

  • Record app activities, capture artifacts, and identify assets and users across network communications

Protecting Critical Assets/Data

    Protect your digital assets and critical data to enjoy optimum cybersecurity resilience with our advanced threat protection services.

  • Gain better visibility of your network topology and diverse attack paths

  • Protect critical databases and assets such as financial, EHR, EMR, etc.

  • Monitor source and logs for unauthorized attempts

  • Orchestrate attacks and impact on assets

  • Prioritize remediation of assets that are vulnerable to both insider as well as outsider threats

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) integration

    Powered by IBM Watson AI and Deep Learning algorithms, Eagle Eye offers multiple layers of defenses against a wide range of endpoint threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Prioritize high-value response activities and investigations

  • React faster, respond smarter and coordinate better

  • Automated escalations of offenses derived from IBM QRadar

  • Bi-directional synchronization of notes to ensure optimum data integrity.

Automatic Investigation with IBM Watson AI

    Respond to cyber threats and attacks with greater agility, efficacy and confidence with our advance threat detection suite backed by IBM Watson AI threat intelligence technology.

  • Automate security and threat analysis

  • Monitor unstructured data

  • Analyze huge amounts of data at faster rate

  • Identify emerging attack patterns using IBM QRadar and Watson AI threat intelligence

  • Focus on higher priority and brutal threats

Next-gen cybersecurity solutions from the #1 IBM product experts

Futurism Technologies Inc. is a trusted IBM Silver Business Partner helping enterprises of all sizes adopt IBM security technology with its proprietary cybersecurity solution ‘Futurism Eagle Eye’ – an advanced threat protection service offering powered by IBM QRadar and Watson AI.

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